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Selection of 'cold' cutting wires

Below you can find special abrasive wires for fast wire foam cutter equipment. Storage in liquid oil is recommended for all types of cutting wires.
Recommended wire tension: 1.2/1.5 bar.

fast wire string

Fast wire cutting wires are available in endless loops. When ordering please give the exact length in millimeters. A small arrow shows the working direction.

Code Thickness External
Best for foams
ESP 1.0/1.2mm   carbon expanded resin
flexible expanded polyurethane foam (PU)
ESP R 1.0/1.2mm   carbon
ESP F 1.0mm   carbon
ESP HPC 1.0/1.2mm   tungsten
ESP R HPC 1.0/1.2mm   tungsten
AGL 1.4/1.6mm   carbon rebond / chip foam
AGL HPC 1.3/1.5mm   tungsten
FEN 1.2/1.5mm   carbon phenolic resin
FEN INOX 1.2/1.5mm   inox steel
FEN WTT 1.5/1.7mm   tungsten
FEN HPC 1.3/1.5mm   tungsten
PUR 1.2/1.5mm   carbon rigid expanded polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR)
PUR WTT 1.5/1.7mm   tungsten
PUR HPC 1.2/1.5mm   tungsten
WOOL 1.5/1.7mm   carbon Rockwool (MW) stone wool
WOOL R 1.5/1.7mm   carbon
WOOL DOUBLE RING 1.5/1.7mm   carbon
WOOL WTT 1.5/1.7mm   tungsten
SIL 1.5/1.7mm   carbon calcium silicate
SIL WTT 1.5/1.7mm   tungsten
ESTR 1.4/1.6mm   carbon extruded polystyrene (XPS)
ESTR WTT 1.5/1.8mm   tungsten
ESTR HPC 1.4/1.6mm   tungsten
GLASS 1.5/1.7mm   carbon foamglass (cellular glass)
GLASS R 1.5/1.7mm   carbon
GLASS WTT 1.5/1.7mm   tungsten


Standard and R wires has high level of carbon
: for workmanships with speed of cut
INOX: stainless steel (it guarantees the best durability).
WTT: tungsten (special material suitable for cutting very abrasive materials).
HPC: tungsten (high performance cutting)