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SOL PRO 3D Scanner

SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner
SOL PRO 3D Scanner

SOL PRO is one of the most accurate 3D desktop scanners for small & mid-size objects. The SOL PRO 3D scanner is small and lightweight and uses a combination of laser triangulation and white light technology.
3D scans are viewed directly on your computer using the included SOL PRO software and can be exported and further edited or measured in various third party 3D software.

  • Accuracy: 0.05 mm (50 micron)
  • Point distance: >0.26 mm
  • Object size: 20x20 mm - 170x170 mm
  • Automated calibration and meshing
  • Options for scanning dark surfaces and unsteady objects

Recommended to  inspection engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, makers, hobbyists.


Calibrate, scan, mesh – with SOL PRO, all processes are automated


Included in package

  • SOL PRO 3D scanner
  • Turntable
  • Scanner stand
  • USB 3.0 cable for computer connectivity
  • Interface cable
  • Blackout tent
  • Cylindrical target for high accuracy profiling
  • Software available for download:
    - SOL PRO Creator
    - SOL PRO Viewer
  • Easy upload to Sketchfab

A SolPro 3D szkenner csomag tartalma

0.26mm point distance, 8MP camera
0.05 mm
Scan Dimension
Article No.
5 kg/pc
Technical specifications
  • 3D scanner, desktop size
  • Accuracy up to 0.05 mm
  • Point distance >0.26 mm
  • Scans objects measuring approx. 20 – 170 mm in height and diameter
    - Best results for high accuracy scans are for objects measuring up to 100 mm in height and diameter
  • Automatic calibration and meshing
  • Automatic global alignment of up to 5 scanning passes
  • Option for scanning dark or partially dark surfaces
  • Option for scanning unsteady objects
  • Process time for complete 360° scanning pass (depending on computer hardware and object complexity):
    - Normal scanning mode: 15'
    - Turbo scanning mode: 8'
  • Run a quick and automated process upon request to maintain the highest accuracy in high accuracy scanning mode
  • Max. weight on the turntable: 2 kg
  • Black-out tent for efficient elimination of unwanted light
  • Tent dimensions when in use (LxWxH): 62x35×32 cm
  • Box dimensions when packed away (LxWxH): 41x15×30 cm


  • Included software bundle for downloading:
    - SOL PRO Creator for scanning
    - SOL PRO Viewer for viewing and exporting
  • Export as OBJ, STL, PLY, DAE, or XYZ to edit in third-party software
  • Automatic software updates (requires registration)
  • Software is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese

SOL PRO Creator that delivers finished 3D scanning results with no need for manual alignment or removing of unwanted artefacts from the scans. Aligning up to 5 scanning passes and meshing are fully automated. The intuitive software includes an innovative option for optimized scanning of objects with dark or partially dark surfaces. And, if your object has trouble finding a stable position on the turntable, just tick the "Unstable object" box.

  • Calibration makes sure the scanner head and turntable are calibrated for maximum accuracy
  • Scanning the object in up to five passes with different orientations for a full 360° scan and optimized texture
  • Meshing and automatic alignment of all scanning passes into a finished 3D file


SOL PRO Viewer software lets you view the 3D scanned models in different renderings and export to various third-party 3D software for further editing, measuring or 3D printing.


3D model examples

SOL PRO 3D model examples

View the 3D model examples from objects scanned on the SOL PRO 3D scanner.

Quick plunger clamp

This is a SOL PRO 3D scanning of a metal plunger clamp. The object is approx. 80x60x20 mm. The metal is 2.5 mm thick, measured at the foot. Metal is typically too shiny to be 3D scanned successfully, so this object was first scanned with a thin layer of 3D developer spray.

Scan details:

  • Near scanner position
  • Normal scanning mode
  • 2 scanning passes

Courthouse model, 3 scanning passes

A SOL PRO 3D scanning of a courthouse model approximately 50x60x30 mm. The scanning was performed with three scanning passes in high accuracy scanning mode with the scanner set in near position.
Dark or black surfaces are known to be tricky to scan, and some 3D scanners may perceive them as shiny or even transparent. You will notice that SOL PRO performs very well with dark details.

Scan details:

  • Near scanner position
  • High accuracy scanning mode
  • 3 scanning passed

Courthouse model, 1 scanning pass

Scan detals:

  • Near scanner position
  • High accuracy scanning mode
  • 1 scanning pass

Watch more 3D model examples from Scan Dimension on Sketchfab!


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