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DecorCut Medium maşină de tăiat polistiren

DecorCut Medium maşină de tăiat polistiren
crearea de litere din spumă
DecorCut Medium maşină de tăiat polistiren
crearea de litere din spumă
DecorCut Medium maşină de tăiat polistiren

Mașină de tăiat sârmă de încălzire, lungime sârmă: 6 cm.

DecorCut Medium foamcutter este o maşină de tăiat polistiren cu fir incandescent, comandat prin calculator, cu care se poate tăia aproape orice formă tridimensională.

900,00 EUR + TVA

Info produs
Lăţime [mm]
Lungimea tăierii
62,5 cm
Grosimea tăierii
6 cm
Număr sârme de tăiere
Video Youtube
Numar articol
8 kg/buc
Date tehnice
DecorCut Hobby Medium Professional
cutting length
(X workspace) [cm]
30 62.5 125
cutting height
(Y workspace) [cm]
30 60 60
wire length ~
max. foam thickness (V) [cm]
2 6 10
cutting wire resistance wire
wire diameter [mm] 0.1 0.1 0.1
max. working speed [mm/min] 300
wire cooling no
wire tension automatic, with spring
number of stepping motors [pcs] 3 3
foam cutter construction plastic metal sheet metal sheet
placement desktop desktop or wall mounted desktop or wall mounted
power supply 5 V, 2 A 7.5 V, 3 A 9 V, 4 A
power consumption [W] 5 30 36
machine size [cm] 52x43x10 83x84x16 146x83x22
package size [cm] 55x45x15 88x88x21 153x90x26
machine weight [kg] 1.5 4 6
shipping weight [kg] 2 8 14
interface USB A-A
input format HP-GL (.plt), DXF
drawing software

with free graphics software

op. system Windows 7, 8, 10
warranty 1 year
place of origin Hungary (EU)



We give a graphical design and cutting software with the CNC foam cutter machine!


  • Ready-to-use graphics ( snowflake, Christmas tree, etc.)
  • Draw shapes, figures, write texts
  • Editing drawing elements, creating contours
  • Load HPGL, DXF files
  • Automatic cutting path planning
  • Automatic objects merging, dropping out unnecessary lines


  • Manual control
  • 10 cutting settings can be defined and saved
  • Simulation and preview image (you can preview the cuting path on the monitor)

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