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Digit, which proudly celebrates its 40-year anniversary just in 2021, was established in 1981 by Hungarian private persons. In the beginning, we dealt only with the sale of large format printers, the belonging media and inks, but during our four decades history, we have gradually managed to broaden our range of traded products to new directions.

Today, as a still privately-owned company, we serve our customers with world-class products from leading international companies in Hungary and abroad. Now our company is a general trading specialist of digital visualization: besides planning and printing industries, we have become a provider of building, furniture and car industries. Besides, with our large format scanners cultural institutions, museums and libraries belong to our clients, too. Remaining the seller of our traditional 2D printing products – printers, media, inks and other belonging equipment and accessories – computer peripherals of the 3D segment (CNC routers, foam cutters, polishing machines for furniture industry) are also the products we regularly distribute.

We put special emphasis on expertise: our colleagues help the potential clients not only with technical knowledge in their own fields but with more decades of professional experience.

And what was our secret during these decades? To sum it up: digitalization, started in time and going on continuously, the active follow-up of the market demands, as well as the extended export-import activity. Due to these factors our company has been able to adapt and keep on developing in the most difficult period of economic transition in Hungary and since then.

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