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Velcro grooved polishing sponge. The spider web cut allows for greater absorption of the polish, cooler insert temperature, and increased polishing surface.

ISAND SPIDER is a high-quality polishing sponge. Durable, white-red-white sandwich polishing pad.

  • The grooved surface holds the polishing paste well.
  • Easy to attach to velcro polishing disc.
  • Suitable for polishing all surfaces used in the furniture industry.
  • The unique design eliminates hologram formation and extends the life of the polishing pad.
  • Due to the special surface, it heats up less and makes less dust.
  • Recommended speed: 600 - 2500 rpm.
  • Mounting surface diameter:  125 mm
  • Polisching surface diameter: 140 mm
  • Product for professional use.

We recommend the SPIDER polishing sponge for Coner MPol automatic polishing machines and also for hand polishing machines. For perfect polishing of high-gloss furniture fronts, doors, drawer fronts.

. :
Colour :
white - red
Thickness / diameter :
140 mm
4 154 Ft
Unit price: 4 154.14 Ft/pc

Automatic Polishing Machine for high gloss furniture panels. The perfect solution for furniture manufacturers, it makes the final high gloss polishing on the lacquered front panels, furniture doors.

According to the users, the MPol polishing machine enables precise and eye-appealing work constantly. Using the machine makes the manual-demanding work process of hard manual polishing a semiskilled trained work that can be mastered in a short time.

  • There is a possibility of setting up to 5 polishing cycles on the operator’s panel of the MPol machine.
  • For each cycle definition of conveyor belt speed, rpm of the spindle and pressure of the polishing tool.
  • The polishing compound has to be applied manually.
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