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ClearShield Canvas Guard Satin Liquid Protective Coating [5 litre]

ClearShield Canvas Guard Satin Liquid Protective Coating [5 litre]
ClearShield Canvas Guard Satin Liquid Protective Coating [5 litre]

ClearShield Canvas Guard is the ideal coating for canvas and Giclee applications. It is specifically formulated for flexibility so that canvas can be stretched after coating.

ClearShield Canvas Guard is specifically formulated for use over water-resistant canvas and Giclee applications. Designed with flexibility in mind, Canvas Guard allows users to stretch the canvas after coating without any cracking. It is formulated to work on micro porous and porous ink jet receptive layers and helps to reduce pinholes normally encountered when applying coatings to ink-jet canvas. Canvas Guard can be applied using all hand application methods, such as a short-nap roller application. ClearShield Canvas Guard is the ultimate protection for canvas applications.

Note: For gel coated and other water sensitive canvas and dye-based inks please use our ClearJet Fine Art Product line.

In stock :  3 bottle
184.00 EUR + VAT
: 36.80 EUR/l + VAT
single component
5 000 ml
colorless (clear)
Marabu North America
Article No.
5.5 kg/bottle

The generally recommended layer thickness for ClearShield water-based materials is 18 - 25 microns.

The following table shows the theoretically achievable coverage with 100% application efficiency*. In the case of the Fine Art versions, they are often much more absorbed into the material than the standard versions, so the surface protective layer will be thinner, but the protective effect remains excellent.

1 liter of laminating fluid is sufficient to coat the following surface: For 25 µm thick coating For 13 µm thick coating
ClearShield (all versions) 12.5-15 m2 25-30 m2
ClearJet Type S (FA & Original) 9 m2 18.2 m2
ClearJet Type BR (FA & Original) 11.9 m2 23.8 m2

* applied with a roller or brush approx. 100% efficiency can be achieved.
* conventional spray application, spray gun approx. It provides 35% efficiency.
* The efficiency of HVLP spray application is approx. 65%.

The manufacturer of ClearShield and ClearJet liquid laminate is Marabu North America LP. Made in the USA.



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