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Why just Holdon?

11/09/2023 11:27
Why just Holdon?

One of our most popular product is the HOLDON tarpaulin tensioner clip-on eyelet.

Why just Holdon® - the true original name story

Once upon a time there was a farmer in the small village of Hol in Sweden - who got tired of tarps and eyelets getting torned off. He came up with a fastening device to solve the problem and went to a manufacturer nearby and asked them to produce the device - a "don" in Swedish - made out of strong glass reinforced nylon. Consequently, he named the product Holdon and applied for a patent. His paths was crossed by Amicus Trade AB (Holdon Systems), a banner material supplier to the sign industry and together they developed the product and new application fields.

And so... the story begins…


reuseable fixing clips HOLDON Clip-on Eyelet
Holdon MINI & MIDI reuseable clips are useful to hold banners, tarpaulins, curtains. No need to punch.