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KS-MS Multi-purpose Brush Sander kefová brúska

KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS kefová brúska
KS-MS Multi-purpose Brush Sander kefová brúska

Kefová brúska, kartáčovací stroj.

Top & edge sanding

KS-MS multi-purpose brush sander has two 600 mm long top sanding heads followed by two 100mm tall edge sanding brushes. The two edge sanding brushes can be adjusted to sand parts from 5mm to 600mm wide. The support table in the back of the machine is used for edge sanding with the two side sanding heads.

Adjustable sanding

All sanding brushes are adjustable and reversible through a frequency inverter.

Clean environment

Four dust ports for connecting to a dust extractor.

Čítaj viac

Cena zahŕňa prvú sadu brusiva.

Alpha-Brush provides equipments for a wide variety of sanding and finishing applications in the wood, metal and composites industry. KS series brush sanders are developed for small companies, they are easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to maintain. Using these economy priced multi-purposed automated brush sanders you can reduce labor time and cost, increase production and increase profitability.

KS-MS brush sander is suitable for flat and irregular surface sanding, as well as primer treatment. Recommended for sanding and denibbing mouldings, skirtings, architraves and other profiles on three sides.

Šírka [mm]
Použitie , nehnuteľnosť
top sanding, side sanding
EAN číslo
Technické údaje
Size of top sanding drums 2 pieces
250 mm (10") O.D. x 600 mm (24") long
Size of side sanding drums 2 pieces
200 mm (8") O.D. x 100 mm (4") tall
Gap between side sanding drums for edge sanding 5 - 600 mm wide
Top sanding motor 1.1 kW / 1.5 HP
Conveyor motor 0.37 kW / 0.5 HP
Side sanding motor 0.75 kW / 1.0 HP
Speed of sanding units 100-700 rpm
Machine weight 325 kg (715 lbs)
Power 220 V, 20 A, single phase
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 130 x 110 x 134 cm
Dust ports 4 x 100mm (4")
Brush sanding heads

Abrasives are available in grits 60 - 1200.
Sanding strips consists of Tampico brushes and sanding paper can be fit on hubs/cores.

Slotted lamina sanding strips are easy to replace.


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