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We are 40... - special discount

Digit is 40 years old this year.

Celebrating our birthday, we announce a special promotion for 40 days. From 1/Oct/2021 till 9/Nov/2021 we introduce a 10 per cent discount on all Coner equipment and the Bomber electric cutter.
We regard an order valid for the discount if the 40 per cent advance payment is transferred in the 40 days period.

Coner products: hotwire and fast wire foamcutters, 4-axis CNC routers, polishing- and sanding machines, 3-axis milling routers, foam coating machines.
The 10 per cent off applies to each Coner machine, though for technical reasons in our webshop www.digit.hu you still see the normal price, not the discount price. The 10 per cent will be discharged by confirmation of the order.

Gielle Bomber electric cutters.
Just one click and you reach our other webshop. Here, during the 40 day period, you see immediately the discounted price.