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Art reproduction with HD Apeiron/42

30/05/2024 09:33
Art reproduction with HD Apeiron/42

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Excelling color accuracy while saving days of work.

"Contex HD Apeiron/42 color art scanner will save us hours, if not days," was the conclusion from from the CEO of a fine art reproduction and printing company in Western Europe.

Their current workflow does not involve the customer in the production process, which can make every feedback step a long wait and eventually prolong the delivery. With HD Apeiron/42 in the shop, they see a possibility for a much-improved workflow that more likely will get it right the first time. This includes letting the artist be a part of the scanning process.

A close match between original and copy is the key to success in the fine art reproduction business.

The software for HD Apeiron/42, Nextimage Apeiron, includes a closed loop calibration (CLC), a Contex technology that matches the scanned image with any paper on any printer.

The 3D effect of the scanner let users fine-tune the detail of the texture in real time.

See a test scanning of a watercolor original. The outcome from the 3D effect option of HD Apeiron/42 is shown here in three sections with 0, +50 and +100 in 3D effect. (Click for larger size.)

HD Apeiron/42 art scanner has lots of potential to speed up any existing workflow while continuously ensuring a perfect color match.

"It would streamline our entire workflow and save us hours, if not days. But mostly it will improve our detail and ultimately the product that we put out at the other end is going to be improved." clarifies the CEO.


Download the case story.


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