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Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine

Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine
Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine
highgloss furniture manufacuring
furniture front, kerrock, corian
joinery woodwork
Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine
Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine
highgloss furniture manufacuring
furniture front, kerrock, corian
joinery woodwork
Coner MPol Automatic Polishing Machine

Industrial Automatic Polishing Machine for high gloss furniture panels. The perfect solution for furniture manufacturers, it makes the final high gloss polishing on the lacquered front panels, furniture doors or DuPont Corian®.

According to the users, the MPol polishing machine constantly enables precise and eye-appealing work. Using the machine makes the manual-demanding work process of hard manual polishing a semiskilled trained work that can be mastered quickly.

  • Up to 5 polishing cycles can be set on the control panel of the MPol machine.
  • For each cycle, it determines the conveyor belt speed, the spindle's rpm and the polishing tool's pressure.
  • The MPol machine does not damage the edges of the furniture panel.
  • The polishing compound has to be applied manually.
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The Corner MPol automatic sanding and polishing machine has been specially developed for carpentry factories, furniture manufacturers or construction contractors.


The MPol automatic sanding and polishing machine is designed for furniture manufacturers and performs the final high-gloss polishing of MDF furniture boards. Manufacturers can make the front panels of kitchen and bathroom furniture in a quality design.

Homogenous high gloss surface for lacquered furniture elements.


MPol can also be used for sanding and polishing Corian sheets used in the furniture industry and interior design. The raw material is easy to work with, durable, hygienic and available in several colours.

Sanding and polishing Corian on MPol machine. We recommend the 1400 mm wide equipment for finishing Corian countertops.

Surface sanding and polishing process


Kerrock (a composite of aluminium hydroxide and acrylic polymer) can also be perfectly polished with the MPol machine. Kerrock is homogeneous, non-porous, resistant and antibacterial. Popular raw materials for kitchen and bathroom furniture, hotel and restaurant counters, laboratory and business types of equipment, and acrylic furniture.


More video on our playlist: How to polish high-gloss furniture elements?

Width [mm]
800, 1100, 1400
top polishing
1.6 m
Youtube video
Article No.
680 kg/pc
MPOL1608 MPOL1611 MPOL1614
Max. size of the polished element
for multi-cycle polishing
width: 800 mm
length: 1600 mm
width: 1100 mm
length: 1600 mm
width: 1400 mm
length: 1600 mm
Max. size of polished element
for pass-through polishing (one cycle)
width: 800 mm
length: unlimited
width: 1100 mm
length: unlimited
width: 1400 mm
length: unlimited
Conveyor belt moves forward and oscillating for evenly sanded or polished surface
Size of the conveyor belt 1600 x 800 mm 1600 x 1100 mm 1600 x 1400 mm
Size of 2 roller tables 800 x 800 mm 1100 x 1100 mm 1400 x 1400 mm
Holding the material vacuum table
Polishing head 2 kW, 3000 rpm (3-phase inverter motor)
Head motion line pneumatic drive;
longitudinal oscillations of the head executed by digitally controlled movement of the conveyor belt;
combination of two motions: linear uniform motion with oscillation motion
Controller PLC based with 7" LCD touch panel
Recognition of the element size automatic (length and width)
with optical and ultrasonic sensors
Pressure pneumatic Z-axis with precise control of the pressure (force) which is used for polishing tool
Min. width of the polished element

min. 200 mm wide

Max. height of the polished element

100 mm

Polishing tool thread M14
Sanding head optional, user-replaceable
2 kW, 12000 rpm (3-phase motor, oscillating) + Festool ETS 150/3
Connector for dust collector on sanding head Ø 27 mm
Consumption max. 3 kW
Power 400 VAC, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz
Power supply protection S303 C16A
Compressed air about 5 bar and 100 litres/min
Noise max. 71,5 dB(A)

Included in the price

  • Machine with the polishing spindle, conveyor belt, vacuum table, controller, touch panel.
  • 2 roller tables
  • Vacuum pump

1-year warranty

No PC needed.



  • Eccentric Sanding Head (for sanding)
  • Automatic Sander Cleaning Station (automatic cleaning device for the sandpaper)


  • Isand Spider polishing sponge
  • Isand polishing compounds
  • You can use of standard polishing and sanding pads


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