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DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter

play, learn
DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter
EPS, XPS, depron cutter
foam decoration
DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter
the cheapest foam cutter
play, learn
DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter
EPS, XPS, depron cutter
foam decoration
DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter
the cheapest foam cutter
DecorCut Hobby Foam Cutter

DecorCut Hobby foamcutter is a very small and cheap machine for children and adults. Recommended for hobby applications. Create 3D shapes, letters, modells from polystyrene sheets.

  • Board length: 30 cm
  • Board height: 30 cm
  • Cutting thickness: 2 cm (length of hot-wire)

You can easily design it with the included software and cut it out of cheap, lightweight foam.

In stock :  3 pc
330.00 EUR + VAT

Designing 3D items is a brilliant way to improve the children’s abilities!
Recommended user age: 10-12 years under parental or adult supervision, over 12 no adult supervision needed.

The use of the DecorCut Hobby machine requires a basic understanding of computers.

There is no known health damage caused during operation. When in use the foam cutter does not make an irritating sound or smell and there is no harmful gas composition of the combustion while foam cutting by the hot wire. Use the foam cutter in a well ventilated area.

Width [mm]
Product line
Cutting length
30 cm
Cutting thickness
2 cm
Number of cutting wires
Article No.
4 kg/pc
Technical specifications
DecorCut Hobby
cutting length
(X workspace) [cm]
cutting height
(Y workspace) [cm]
wire length ~
max. foam thickness (V) [cm]
max. foam panel size 300x300 mm
useable foam panel size 300x280 mm
materials Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)
Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS, DEPRON)
cutting wire resistance wire
wire diameter [mm] 0.1
max. working speed [mm/min] 300
wire cooling no
wire tension automatic, with spring
number of stepping motors [pcs] 2
foam cutter construction plastic housing
placement desktop
power supply 5 V, 2 A
power consumption [W] 5
machine size [cm] 52x43x10
package size [cm] 55x45x15
machine weight [kg] 1.5
shipping weight [kg] 2
interface USB A-A
input format HP-GL (.plt), DXF
drawing software with free graphics software
languages (sw and documentation) English, German, Hungarian
op. system Windows 7, 8, 10
warranty 1 year
place of origin Hungary (EU)


Foam items can be painted by waterbase paint and can only be glued by waterbase adhesives.


We give a graphical design and cutting software with the CNC foam cutter machine!


  • Ready-to-use graphics ( snowflake, Christmas tree, etc.)
  • Draw shapes, figures, write texts
  • Editing drawing elements, creating contours
  • Load HPGL, DXF files
  • Automatic cutting path planning
  • Automatic objects merging, dropping out unnecessary lines


  • Manual control
  • 7 cutting settings can be defined and saved
  • Simulation and preview image (you can preview the cuting path on the monitor)

What is in the box?

  • DecorCut Hobby Foamcutter
  • USB cable
    power supply (230V AC -  5V, 2A, 10W)
  • Foam sheets (13 pieces)
  • Oil impregnated cloth for cleaning and maintenance
  • Spare Hot Wires

The design, drawing and cutting software, as well as the manual, cut-out sample files are available for download.


polisztiro vágás kreatív gyerekeknek

Horizontal axis

Vertical axis

Hot wire carriages

X motor

Hot wire

Base box (electronics, Y motor)

Horizontal toothed belts

Foam panel

Spacer (for thin foam plates)

Main switch

STOP button

Wire heating LED

Operating LED

Vertical toothed belt

Fixing and supporting clamps

Left side connector


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