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Automatic Polishing Machine

16/03/2022 18:24
Automatic Polishing Machine

The Coner MPol is an automatic polishing machine for the production of high-gloss surfaces, such as kitchen furniture, bathroom cabinets, etc.

By using it, enamelled doors, high-gloss painted surfaces, Corian® sheets, Kerrock® acrylic panels or countertops can be made even brighter and smoother. With the 110 cm wide machine even large doors can be polished.

Manual sanding and polishing are very tiring. Quality work requires a great deal of expertise and perseverance, but the result is often unconvincing. The MPol automatic sanding and polishing machine makes it easier to work: all you have to do is place the furniture fronts on the conveyor belt, apply the paste and adjust the machine.

At the same time, working with MPol is more efficient: you can produce reliably, consistently high quality, so you can be more productive. By using it, the furniture will be more beautiful, it can create brilliantly shiny, extremely smooth surfaces. The MPol is a professional, automatic polishing machine with a numerically controlled oscillating polishing head and a conveyor: the furniture front moves on the vacuum conveyor under the polishing head, while the machine also oscillates the polishing head.

The polishing paste must be applied to the furniture front by hand before polishing. The polishing head always works with even pressure and even speed. The polishing head can be easily replaced with the optional sanding head. The machine, which can be set up to 5 polishing cycles, has a control panel with an LCD touch screen. The speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the tool and the pressure can be controlled digitally for each cycle, and the machine automatically detects the size of the board to be polished. The combined operation of the conveyor belt, the vacuum table, the two roller tables, the replaceable sanding motor or the polishing motor ensures continuous operation. Users say Coner MPol allows precise, accurate and consistent work, making manual polishing an automated process that can be learned in no time.

One of the professionals who have already used the equipment summed up the benefits of it: MPol automatically goes through the work phases, which eliminates the necessary working time of polishing employees by about 70 per cent, allowing the worker to perform other work processes in the meantime. MPol can play a big role in reducing the lack of employees at companies that work with it.

Available in widths of 80, 110, and 140 cm.

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