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ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter

ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter
ThermoCut PRO 60/PTS Foam Cutter

The ThermoCut Pro hot wire foam cutting machine is a computer-controlled cutter capable of heating a stretched resistance wire to 800 C. This heat evaporates the nearby material and cutting the material. Preset cutting parameters for different materials allow high precision cutting. With the ThermoCut Pro foam cutter, you can cut 3D shapes from extruded (XPS) or expanded (EPS) foam.

It includes the optional turntable that allows the material to be rotated around both the horizontal and vertical axes so that we can make patterned rotating bodies.

Cutting thickness: ~ hot-wire length 60 cm.

As shown in the pictures, this machine is available in three X-axis lengths, ie three types of machine lengths: 130, 240, and 300 cm.
Please select the desired length on the right below the price!

7 716.80 EUR + VAT
Width [mm]
Product line
ThermoCut Pro
Cutting length
130, 240, 300 cm
Cutting thickness
60 cm
Number of cutting wires
Article No.
260 kg/pc
Technical specifications
ThermoCut Pro
Basic Mini Midi Max Baby Mini Mini Midi Max Mini Midi Max
cutting length
(X workspace) [cm]
130 130 240 300 60 130 130 240 300 130 240 300
cutting height
(Y workspace) [cm]
120 120 60 120 120 120 120 120
wire length ~
max. foam thickness (V) [cm]
60 130 240 300
wire Titanium resistance wire (long life, high speed cutting)
wire diameter [mm] 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.35 0.35 0.35
shapeable wire diameter [mm] - 0.9 option* 0.9 - - -
addressable resolution 0.01mm
max. shift speed 2000 mm/min.
max. working speed 2000 mm/min.
resistant wire cooling 2 cooling fans
wire tension automatic with springs
number of stepping motors 6 6+1 6 6+1 6 6+1 6+1
foam cutter construction aluminium, anodic constructional profile with increased strength
power supply 230V / 50Hz
power consumption [W] 200 200 250 250 750 750 950
/T turntable / lathe function no yes# option* yes# opt.# yes# yes#
mountable in vertical or horizontal; for revolving and 3D objects
/S shapeable wire no yes option* yes opt.* yes yes
special adapter + 2 m formable, shapeable resistance wire
/P perspective cutting
(independent arm motion)
remote controller option*
interface USB port
input format SoftCut soft ware can cut drawings from HP-GL (.plt) or DXF files.
3D objects can be imported from 3D RAW Triangle files.
recommended drawing software

Vectorgraphical software, like CorelDraw or similar with HPGL data export possibility. AutoCAD. 3D modeling applications, e.g. Rhino 3D software can create RAW Triangle 3D files.

warranty 1 year full** + 4 years for parts
place of origin Made in EU

* Optional turntable, optional shapeable wire can be ordered only for new machines.
** In Hungary. Cutting wire and tooth belt aren't covered by warranty.
# machines shipped with 150 kg S150 motor.


  • HPGL, DXF and 3D RAW file format support - 2D and 3D projects
  • Automatic objects merging
  • Manual controlling for X and Y axes and rotation
  • Possibility of defining different proccesing configurations
  • Cutting simulation and preview
  • Scaling and duplicating
  • Cutting mode "perspective"
  • Irregular solids of revolution (3D) creation using cutting projects - possibility of loading drawings with rotation's angle definition between particular profiles cutting
  • 3D project preview
  • The ability to continue the cutting process after the cutting wire has been severed
  • Flexible profiles planning


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