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Holdon XTRA Clip-on Eyelet black [10 pcs]

Holdon XTRA Clip-on Eyelet black [10 pcs]
holdon xtraclip on fence banner
Holdon XTRA Clip-on Eyelet black [10 pcs]
holdon xtraclip on fence banner
Holdon XTRA Clip-on Eyelet black [10 pcs]

Holdon® XTRA is a reusable clip, developed for extremely fast mounting on thinner materials but also thicker compressible materials. Quicker, stronger and more economic alternative to traditional grommets, eyelets. Reusable eyelet clips for immediate attachment directly to the flexible material. For materials that can be compressed to a maximum of 1.5 mm, but open up to 4 mm.


One pack contains 10 HOLDON clips.

In stock :  18 pkg
5.80 EUR + VAT
: 0.58 EUR/pc + VAT
Quantity discount:
1+  pkg
5.80 EUR + VAT
5+  pkg
5.63 EUR + VAT
10+  pkg
5.51 EUR + VAT
15+  pkg
5.34 EUR + VAT
25+  pkg
4.66 EUR + VAT

HOLDON® XTRA is self-gripping. Reuseable. It doesn't tear out of the banner like eyelets.
No hole punching, tools or hemming required.

What do we recommend it for?

As banner clips for banners and signage materials; as securing clips for camping mats, tents, netting, wind protection; build polyshelters or stabilise ground covers in the garden and agriculture; hanging moltons and curtains; for on-stage applications in the event sector.

Nylon 6 glass-fibre reinforced
Loading capacity
45 kg
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Article No.
170 g/pkg
Technical specifications


  • Load capacity: up to 45 kg
  • Dimensions: 50 x 37 x 10mm
  • Weight: 9 g
  • Media thickness: up to 1.5 mm, open up to 4 mm
  • Material: metal replacement plastic with nylon and fibreglass blend

The Swedish-made “wedge clamp” Holdon® Xtra is a further development of Holdon® Mini. The difference is that the Holdon® Xtra comes as a pre-assembled unit.

  • large opening gap - easy to open quickly
  • ergonomic one-handed thumb grip that opens the clamp to maximum gap
  • large lanyard hole allowing use of shackles etc.
  • groove in the wedge for easy removal of tightly tightened clips
  • newly developed material providing strength and stability despite lower weight

For thicker material or fabrics with hem and cord up to 5mm, we recommend the HOLDON® Midi tarp clips.


recycleRecycling: can be recycled as PVC plastics. Free of heavy metals, anti-corrosives, chlorides and phthalates.


Holdon instant clip-on eyelet is a patented product of Holdon Systems.


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