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High-gloss door polishing with an automatic machine

09/02/2024 11:46
High-gloss door polishing with an automatic machine

Highly polished interior door, trendy high-gloss kitchen cabinet, high-quality Kerrock acrylic worktop or premium Corian counter.

The Coner MPol automatic sanding and polishing machine is specially designed for professional processors and carpenters. The machine is equipped with a vacuum table, a conveyor belt and a touchscreen control unit. We have three machine sizes for 80, 110 and 140 cm wide material.

The 110 cm width is suitable for the production of a high-gloss interior door.

Manufacturing all of this with our automatic machine:

  • Not as tiring as manual grinding and polishing,
  • does not require great expertise or expensive labour,
  • offers consistently excellent quality.

Key features:

  • 5 polishing cycles,
  • conveyor belt speed, tool speed and pressure can be controlled digitally,
  • does not damage the edges of the furniture panel,
  • automatic size detection.