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Firmware updates

30/05/2024 12:41
Firmware updates

Contex releases new software for large format scanners.

The Contex IQ FLEX A2 Flatbed Scanner and the 24", 36", 44" wide SD One MF large-format MFP systems already support the following large format printers with the new firmware.

Support for Canon Printers:

GP-200, GP-2000, GP-300, GP-4000, GP-520, GP-5200, GP-5300, GP-540, TM-240, TM-250, TM-255, TM-340, TM-350, TM-355, TM-5240, TM-5250, TM-5255, TM-5340, TM-5350, TM-5355.

Support for HP Printers:

HP DesignJet T630 24", HP DesignJet T630 36".

Support for EPSON Printers:

SC-T3700, SC-T3700D, SC-T5700D, SC-T7700D, SC-T7700DL, SC-T3730, SC-T3730D, SC-T5730D, SC-T7730D, SC-T7730DL, SC-T3740, SC-T3740D, SC-T5740D, SC-T7740D, SC-T7740DL, SC-T3750, SC-T3750D, SC-T5750D, SC-T7750D, SC-T7750DL, SC-T3760, SC-T3760D, SC-T5760D, SC-T7760D, SC-T7760DL, SC-T3770, SC-T3770D, SC-T5770D, SC-T7770D, SC-T7770DL, SC-T3780, SC-T3780D, SC-T5780D, SC-T7780D, SC-T7780DL, SC-T3790, SC-T3790D, SC-T5790D, SC-T7790D, SC-T7790DL.

The embedded operating system has also been updated with the latest security patches.