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Cutting insulation for trapezoidal sheets

11/12/2023 15:58
Cutting insulation for trapezoidal sheets

The power of steel trapezoidal sheets: advantages and insulation insights.

A trapezoidal profile has a ribbed trapezoidal-shaped pattern across the panel. Thanks to their compelling advantages, steel trapezoidal roofs and wall sheets are gaining popularity in construction. These sheets, known for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and quick installation, provide a robust solution for industrial and commercial buildings.

Insulating trapezoidal sheets is crucial for several reasons. Proper insulation is energy efficient, because it reduces heat transfer, resulting in lower energy consumption for heating and cooling. Additionally, insulation contributes to a comfortable indoor environment, offers protection against noise, and helps prevent condensation, thus reducing the risk of corrosion and mould.

Some manufacturers provide trapeze panels with thermal insulation. Alternatively, metal sheets can be insulated afterwards using materials such as XPS polystyrene foam, PIR and PUR rigid polyurethane, or mineral wool (e.g. Rockwool).

Consider using a fast wire foam cutter to cut insulation materials precisely. Fast wire cutting machines use a 1-2 mm thick endless wire string. The foam cutter works abrasive, the special wire rotates about 200 km/h.

Coner FastWire stands out for its quality and reliability in fast wire foam cutting. Operating with dedicated software (SoftCut FW) on an industrial computer, the machine can precisely cut flexible and hard foam materials to any shape. It is capable of processing HP-GL and DXF files. However, the advanced software can calculate the cutting path for trapezoidal sheet insulation based on given dimensions without using any other software, streamlining the cutting process with the FastWire machine.

In this video you can see the cutting process of a mineral wool insulation for trapezoidal steel roofing sheets with a Coner Fastwire foam cutter.

In conclusion, trapezoidal roof and wall sheets offer a robust solution for industrial and commercial buildings, with insulation playing a vital role in energy efficiency and environmental comfort. The use of advanced tools like the Coner FastWire foam cutter further enhances the insulation process, ensuring precision and reliability in achieving optimal results.