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The most important work in terms of circulation is done by our heart, which pumps blood through the arteries and veins. Then, however, the small and the smallest blood vessels take over the task of transporting, and supplying the cells and thus the entire organism with their pulsating movement, the so-called vasomotion.
You don't notice any of this, but an incorrect lifestyle and ageing processes noticeably weaken and damage the microcirculation, which can cause many minor and major diseases. By improving the limited blood supply, BEMER can help the body perform its tasks optimally. BEMER is a side-effect-free, innovative medical device that, with its effective stimulation, can improve microcirculation throughout the body. The BEMER treatment is an improved magnetic field therapy that targets the body's central functions. Completely without chemicals and "miracle drugs". The BEMER treatment uses a pulsating magnetic field to deliver the unique, patented BEMER signal configuration into your body. BEMER can improve limited microcirculation, i.e. the blood supply of small and smallest vessels. The result: using BEMER supports the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, as well as the removal of metabolic end products. Numerous scientific studies have investigated the mechanism of action of BEMER medicinal products. For specific problems, read the following articles!

BEMER therapy in the prevention BEMER therapy in treating our everyday health problems BEMER therapy and the organic nervous system problems BEMER therapy in stress relief

How does BEMER work and how can vascular therapy improve blood flow?


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