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BEMER therapy in treating our everyday health problems

12/02/2024 15:11
BEMER therapy in treating our everyday health problems

BEMER can help with several health problems that, although they do not endanger our lives in the short term, can impair our quality of life.

In this area, BEMER therapy is mainly used for blood circulation and blood supply disorders, bone fractures, joint inflammations, and injuries, wounds that are difficult to heal - e.g. it can be used effectively in the treatment of leg ulcers - as well as vascular and nerve complications of diabetes.

By stimulating microcirculation, the BEMER treatment can play an important role in the treatment of everyday health impairments that affect the quality of life, because it can significantly improve conditions that do not or only show a very modest improvement with other means or medication.

Among the frequently occurring everyday problems, blood circulation and blood supply disorders, bone fractures, injuries, muscle pain, arthritis, and other pains, difficult-to-heal wounds, including leg ulcers, as well as vascular and nerve complications of diabetes the BEMER therapy showed outstanding effectiveness during the experiments. But based on clinical experience, it can also be used successfully in some cases of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, or hearing loss, which makes life miserable for many, as well as in the treatment of migraines or sleep disorders.

Pain is one of the most common complaints that patients consult a doctor with, every third person suffers from some kind of recurring or persistent pain. In addition to alleviating acute pain and post-operative pain relief, the biggest challenge of pain therapy is the alleviation or elimination of chronic pain, where BEMER therapy can show significant results.

It is highly effective in treating the above-mentioned problems because of the following:
- by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, it dilates blood vessels and improves blood supply,
- improves the microcirculation of the damaged tissue1, promotes the elimination of acids and metabolic end products,
- by activating anti-inflammatory enzymes, it stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues, transporting more phagocytic cells, lymphocytes, and antibodies to the inflammatory focus,
- by improving microcirculation, it helps the cells to get the right amount of oxygen.

Based on clinical observations, these properties of BEMER therapy make it suitable for providing effective help in the case of many specific health problems in addition to prevention - see above.

BEMER vascular therapy's home-use, side-effect-free medical devices can be purchased or rented.

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